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Meet Ronda, the local TapSnap Director of Events in Indianapolis. She loves to put the “fun” in “function”, and is ready to bring TapSnap’s exciting brand of event entertainment and photo marketing to clients in Marion, Hamilton, or Henry County. Invite TapSnap to your next event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, an intimate wedding venue, or anywhere in between.

Whether you’re planning a sporting event, conference, festival, wedding, reunion, or other occasion, TapSnap’s customizable event entertainment package can meet your event planning goals. With social media sharing, green screen backgrounds, digital props, and a slew of other features & add-ons, TapSnap can entertain your guests, increase your brand awareness and customer engagement, and make your event stick out from the crowd.

Give Ronda a call today and ask her how TapSnap can take your event to the next level.

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We can help you set the scene with the perfect backdrop. Add an extra special sparkle with a mermaid sequin backdrop, show off your brand or monogram step and repeat backdrop, or show your individuality with a custom physical backdrop. 

customized photos

Your brand, monogram or name can be featured on each photo with a border overlay and our green screen technology can place your guests on any background you can imagine. Personalize the photos even further by adding the Beauty Mode filter to your event.


One photo is never enough. Combine four consecutive photos to create a shareable and printable collage. Go even further and bring the event memories to life with custom animated GIFs and looping boomerang-style SnapBack animations.


awesome photos

TapSnap 1181 Photo Booth RentalsTapSnap 1181 Photo Booth RentalsTapSnap 1181 Photo Booth Rentals

happy googlers

You can’t make this stuff up. No, really, we can’t make this up, it’s taken directly from Google!

local heroes

We’ve worked locally with some pretty incredible clients. We’re not usually into namedropping... but if they can trust us with their events, you definitely can too!

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