Having your picture taken has never been this much fun
How it Works
No limits on your creativity
TapSnap is one of those extraordinary touches that make your special event even more special. Event planners know it’s the little things that count. Memories. Laughter. Fun.
We've done away with the traditional photo booth and reinvented it for the digital era. That means no walls. No ceilings. No limits on your creativity.   TapSnap comes at the perfect time to leverage the latest advances in touchscreen technology and the incredible popularity of social media and digital photo sharing.   Your guests can take high-quality photos and make them their own, adding doodles and personal messages with the touch of a fingertip. Then they can share their creations via social networks. It’s brandable with your corporate logo. Best of all, your TapSnap personal attendant will be on hand to take care of the details so you can relax and enjoy your event.
Tap the camera icon on the screen, strike a pose, and let the fun begin. Or make your own instant movie with the video icon.
Your picture appears instantly before you on the screen ‒ larger than life.
Add your personal touch by drawing or writing messages with your fingertip like: "We had the time of our lives!"
You'll be amazed at the quality of TapSnap's high-resolution prints.
Quickly scroll through your images and chose your best shots with our Carousel viewer.

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